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piglf_03_12Brimming with energy, even ropes can’t hold this girl down. Clad in curve-hugging exercise attire, 1203 twists and turns on the ground attempting to escape PD’s ties. In this feed she gets a thorough workout, Insex style.

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7lf10_20_07_04Lucky seven explores her limits in this debut feed. Her trials begin with a three-hour pre-show that introduces her to different bondage positions and devices, including tight zipties, a harsh hogtie, and cruel metal high heels.

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101’s Dec Live Feed

Filed Under (Articles) by Master on 09-12-2017

101declf_08_03Endurance is my master’s pleasure for a carnival of nasty delights. My submission almost defies life. To submit is to ignore that voice inside your head that is urging you to run out of the room. And it takes all my strength not to run.

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sglf8_4_03_09The memories stagger in upon me chaotically, as in a dream. Insects stinging, drawing blood. My hands, my breasts, trapped in unyielding metal. My movements secured with hooks buried deep inside my body: I am filled, I am owned. I walk like a marionette, with every step the hooks pull with cruelty inside my ass and my pussy. When I am released it is only to be stretched over a log and staked out in the grass; again I am left vulnerable, unable to protect myself from insects, biting my open body. My head secured in place with stakes and a gag. Shrieking as a worm is dangled over my face, crawling into my nose, squirming its slippery flesh over my tongue and my lips. And yet one memory towers above the rest of my torment; he called it the mala mansio…..

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peaches_06_05Ophelia Found Perhaps this is the manner in which she saves herself. Because all that she senses outside of herself is nothingness. So she goes to him. His use of her makes her solid, heavy, like bodies are intended to be heavy, and how souls contain infinite mass. His brutal management of her breasts encourages her out of her unnatural sleep. Pain is a voice of the spirit rousing itself. Ropes grow luminous in a mind gone dim.

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Bedding Piglet

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bedpig_04_04Precious piglet awakens bleary-eyed to find her real nightmare has just begun. Stretching her chained arms, she evaluates her predicament and tests the restraints that render her captive on a metal bed

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101 Test

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 04-02-2017

At INSEX I discovered my new favorite therapy: xtasy through torture. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed the feeling of a blade slipping through my flesh or a needle sticking in a vein, and yet, I never went beyond these particular experiences. Only now, after my visit with INSEX, am I beginning to realize where I can go with those natural tendencies of mine and what pleasure may be in store.

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As we sat at our computers around the world we saw a young woman being tortured. We saw her stripped naked. She was put into a frame and she was caned. Hard, brutal strokes, leaving vicious looking weals. She screamed repeatedly. She begged for the caning to stop. But the assault on her helpless body continued.

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101 in Metal

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He likes to strap me down in metal. The steel ankle cuffs are tight on the tendons and I’m always surprised they don’t snap under the pressure. Steel is icy cold when you first put it on. And real heavy on the tits. He pulls each tit through a metal bra and clamps them down.

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Electric Love

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The plank of wood is snugly tied to my outstretched arms, I feel its weight on my shoulders and walk gingerly in the high spike heels. He pushes me to the floor, the pressure on my knees and shins is unbearable. At first I remain very still, holding out as long as I can, and then: he begins to command me to move, insulting me, even kicking me as I am tied helpless.

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