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Yx 24 Hours

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yx24hlf3_08_13My hands were secured behind me and I was placed in the box with my head protruding through the top. I saw the plastic bubble shaped cover that Pd was going to put over my head, and that was when the nervousness started. Hmmm, I thought, there isn’t much room in that cover at all for the bugs to run around…they’re going to be near my head no matter what.

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822 test

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822test_05_04An evaluation, he said during the phone interview. An evaluation. He sits her in a chair. “You’ve done this before?” The chair is hard. Wood. She shifts. “A little. You know. With friends.” She doesn’t understand the difference. She’s thinking of rope that remains loose, rope that forgives. And him fumbling with knots. She doesn’t know what she’s thinking.

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Bj’s Training

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In the coldness of his rooms and the silence of his mind, he imagines her to be a gem. She is a fairy, captured at his whim, to be designed, but fashioned in his mind, sculpted, tempered by his forge and his fire. She’s delivered to him in a crate and wrapped in plastic, merchandise to be consumed. Oh how he trembles, unraveling the ropes in his hands which will initiate his terrible ecstasy, the advent of his type of love. Without her, he is dead. Without a succession of fairies into his palace, he is made of wood. And so he buys another girl. He readies her, his new acquisition. And he molds her and causes her to suffer.

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Student 4’s test

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s4test_04_16With her feet shackled to the floor, she sits in an old wooden chair, looking around the room, her eyes searching for some safe place, only to find herself with her fear of the unexpected. Her long black silky hair falls ever so softly on her petite shoulders. I need to teach her some good posture. Grabbing her hair, I hook it to the pully to make sure she stands nice and tall for me. It’s not an easy chore and she struggles on her tippy toes…

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shonta_05_12I notice it is dark outside and the moon casts an erie glow on the night. The sky changes quickly. Thunder rumbles in the distance, bringing a heavy downpour for the morning. I have plenty to keep me busy till the rain stops outside.

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Sx Live

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sxmar19_09_02Bubbly and blonde she sits on the crate all naked with her full firm tits and nice round ass. Her pleasant disposition is surely a treat for all to watch today. Something about her makes you want to violate and invade her in the most torturous ways.

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YX’s Pump

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yxlf_07_26Yx, looking just like an innocent school girl, stands immobilized by rope tied tight around her neck on the stage.
A sexy white midriff top and short plaid skirt gives this scene a little bit of an edge. Her school girl look and wild eyes give away her feelings of fear at the beginning of her live feed.

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peaches_06_05Ophelia Found Perhaps this is the manner in which she saves herself. Because all that she senses outside of herself is nothingness. So she goes to him. His use of her makes her solid, heavy, like bodies are intended to be heavy, and how souls contain infinite mass. His brutal management of her breasts encourages her out of her unnatural sleep. Pain is a voice of the spirit rousing itself. Ropes grow luminous in a mind gone dim.

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When I first arrived at the studio, for the day of my first shoot, I was a bit nervous. This was due to what I had witnessed the night before during SX’s live feed. For reasons unknown this feeling quickly left me and was replaced by a more comfortable one. I guess there was some excitement that had build up in me, to be the victim of PD’s imagination.

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Peaches’ Live

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Red haired peaches looking very sensuous with her skin tight blue jeans and red halter top sits bound. Her round natural tits hang out from her too tight top. Pd caresses her body like a hungry lover. She welcomes his hands enticing him to touch her more. He goes easy on her and begins by tickling her feet. She seems so playful and they laugh together, But the mood changes quickly when some breath play takes place.

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