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331 and moonshine, two damsels in distress, bleat a sorrowful duet as they suffer together on the farm. Completely stripped with arms bound, PD’s newest victim, moonshine, is escorted out of a remote cabin in the woods and left to stumble barefoot through the brush, blinded by a tight leather hood.

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Maine Visit 2

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A tractor unloads a sarcophagus from a van. Through a slit, we see a pair of eyes looking out of the sarcophagus. We hear moans. The tractor slides its cargo into an opening in a rock wall, as though entombing the Dead. The metal doors clang shut. kassy has arrived.

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Bj’s 12 Hours

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bj12hlf_03_24I am a submissive woman. my submission is a gift that i do not give lightly. i find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being submissive to my Master. i am not weak or stupid. i am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what i want out of my life. i do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength. i will look to my Master for guidance and protection, for never will i be more complete than when He is with me.

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Rubber Mila

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rubbermila_02_02Mila in rubber! That must be why there’s so many rubberfetishist out there now! The scene starts out with mila in a standing position, encased in hood, suit, boots and straightjacket. Even pd is wearing rubber for the occasion.

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828’s Test

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828_04_2718 year old 828 has heard from another insex model about the site and decided to give it a try, because she experiences bdsm as “comforting” and “very erotic”. This exotic looking girl is put through the test by pd, who is not exactly treating her like the boyfriends she has played with before.

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1030’s Debut

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1030lf11_18_11_20Her Master sent her to Insex for some intensive training. With golden blonde hair and an angelic smile, she looked so sweet and pure. But beneath that cute exterior lay an astoundingly strong, brave woman driven by her own desire. In the live feed from November 18, 2001, 1030 stoically accepts all of PD’s tortures, confronts her fears, and suffers gracefully throughout. Locked down to the studio floor in metal stocks, 1030 first receives a lesson in patience and discomfort. She fidgets uneasily before the cameras, switching between the 3 positions that her bondage allows.

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Bj’s Training

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In the coldness of his rooms and the silence of his mind, he imagines her to be a gem. She is a fairy, captured at his whim, to be designed, but fashioned in his mind, sculpted, tempered by his forge and his fire. She’s delivered to him in a crate and wrapped in plastic, merchandise to be consumed. Oh how he trembles, unraveling the ropes in his hands which will initiate his terrible ecstasy, the advent of his type of love. Without her, he is dead. Without a succession of fairies into his palace, he is made of wood. And so he buys another girl. He readies her, his new acquisition. And he molds her and causes her to suffer.

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130lf3_3_11_09Step into my office,” he said, locking the door behind him and gesturing toward a small cage at the side of his desk. Hesitating at first, the sleek blonde professional sashayed across the room. She straightened her suit jacket and skirt before bending down on her knees and crawling inside. The metal door was shut and secured. And so began the most bizarre job interview of her career.

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Big double D tits, long blonde hair and big feet, this California beauty comes to play at insex. She has dreamed of coming to see pd and reveals some of her fantasies. Fantasy’s of being raped and not in control. Pd understands and most definitely will giver her a taste of what being a BDSM slut truly means.

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Wenona’s Training

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Wenona, known for her hot athletic body and wonderful flexibility, is groomed by three different Domme/Doms. Everything from extreme bondage to sexual torture to medical torture. Wenona screams her way through it all.

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