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6 X 6

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 29-01-2019

33 tortured up close and personal as she goes one on one with PD and a 6 X 6 post. She’s close enough to lick, every inch of her skin, her pussy, those magnificent curves of her body. 33 is succulent, her breasts ripe like she’s fresh out of a French painting. You get to relish each moment of her anguish, tears, drool, screams, and welts. But it’s the nipple clamps she hates.

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318_04_26Blonde and blue-eyed, this 34 year-old freelance model attempts to take on the Insex challenge without breaking a nail. After answering PD’s interview questions, 318 is bound to a wooden chair with arms at her sides and legs bent and spread. Amused by her predicament, she giggles when drops of liquid squirt from her perky nipples.

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Kirby and Anna

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kirby_anna_10_59Kirby sitting beside a table, fondling ropes, expectant. Kirby locked in metal box. Kirby is a breast, a leg, a tongue, some appendage tied off outside a metal box and tortured. Anna exudes innocent confidence until the rope tightens about her neck. She wilts. The hogtie is unsparing. She whines. He makes it tighter. Kirby is dragged from the box and bound. Suspended by her hair.

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ua_05_15Edited footage of the inimitable and effervescent spacegirl during her unannounced Live Feed as she confronts a host of torments – everything from spiders to face and head torture to way-over-the-edge suffocation. A cattle prod zeroes in on her ears and pussy, producing the telltale spacegirl screech. At the end, a cattle prod and a vibrator are used simultaneously. No doubt about it. The girl’s a screamer.

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1016lf_05_121016’s livefeed starts out in a shiny metal cage. All dressed up in her office outfit, she is made to expose herself for the audience. Pretty soon the clothing is torn away from her voluptuous body. This feed features endurance, hair gag, tape, tickling, cloth pins, feet torture, caning, extreme positions, face torture, pony play, humiliation, forced exercise, spanking, flogging, tit torture and of course some insex style forced orgasm.

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Tyler Anniversary

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tylerannlf_03_16Tyler’s arms will be bound behind her, elbows together, wrists crossed. Toes will be bound and attached to the floor. A red ball gag will be stuffed in her mouth tighter than she has ever had it. She will have 30 min. to escape. After 10 min, clothes pins will be put on each nipple. We all know how sensitive Tyler’s big nipples are and for these to be on for the rest of the scene will be pure pain for our little bondage captive.

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Madison Young

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 08-09-2018

madison_07_27Looking over the site on Insex I became nervous. I had done bondage before but this seemed so hardcore (needles, bags, suffocation). I was wavering on the uncertainty of my occupational choice and riddled with excitement towards the upcoming shoot. But I’m always one for testing boundaries.

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Toe Stretch

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 07-08-2018

mollylf6_9_10_06The registration of Molly’s live feed from june 9th 2001 is one of the most requested articles here at InsexArchives. The scene start out slowly with a bagged Molly, standing on the concrete floor in high heels, while a decoration is sitting in a cage, hanging from the ceiling. The membership can be heard chatting away in the background.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 21-07-2018

7lf10_20_07_04Lucky seven explores her limits in this debut feed. Her trials begin with a three-hour pre-show that introduces her to different bondage positions and devices, including tight zipties, a harsh hogtie, and cruel metal high heels.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 10-07-2018

cybillf_03_23On the performance floor, coquettish spandex starts a guessing game– He wants me..he wants me not. But I am blocked from your view as your concentration narrows to a single sweet spot. In my dreams you are naked 
sweat beads drip down your spine 
marble hard muscles strain 
at the confines of shining skin.

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