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white noise – I watched with trepidation as my strange bed was wheeled out in front of me. Wires, tubes, fluid bags, suction and electricity. The platform awaited me; it loomed eerily before me, all the tools of horror in anticipation of my naked body.

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Member Tests

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When az and spacegirl, both members of the site, came in to test for insex, we had no idea how these girls were going to work out. Little did we know, these 2 girls would turn out to be the future stars of many shoots and live feeds.

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Interlude is the edited footage of a live feed with Spacegirl and Moonshine, shot in three segments, July 12, 2003.
The first half of Interlude explores the imago and predicament of long term containment.
The second half follows Moonshine into the barn for intense bondage, torment, and pleasure.

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ua_05_15Edited footage of the inimitable and effervescent spacegirl during her unannounced Live Feed as she confronts a host of torments – everything from spiders to face and head torture to way-over-the-edge suffocation. A cattle prod zeroes in on her ears and pussy, producing the telltale spacegirl screech. At the end, a cattle prod and a vibrator are used simultaneously. No doubt about it. The girl’s a screamer.

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107_07_17Young, innocent 107 learns the ropes the hardest way of all, the Insex way. Her introductory interview is punctuated with the moans of 912 and Spacegirl as they are tortured in the background. By the end of her training, 107’s moans and cries are all that can be heard.

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worm_05_23When spacegirl scheduled another modeling session, she had no idea what she was getting herself into: a prolonged endurance scene that tests her stamina and submissiveness. Handcuffed to a tree, she stands and waits, oblivious of what’s to come. Her nipples are tugged together so her supple breasts hug the trunk while she wallows in the treacherous wilderness.

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Pink Chair

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pinkchair_05_02PD goes at spacegirl with a cattle prod, and in the next moment he buries a vibrator in her pussy.  Bound to the pink chair for the duration of an informal live feed, spacegirl is forced to take everything PD metes out as he drags her back and forth over that rich and delicious edge, the divide between pleasure and pain. It starts innocently enough, with spacegirl in shackles and chains and working on a computer. The chat voice sputters in and out. Soon enough, spacegirl is bound to the chair and gagged with hard plastic tubing held in place by a metal band. A bag tied over her head has her measuring her breath as PD binds her breasts.

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Seven Live

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7lf1_25_05_21Seven proves to be a true submissive as she endures her lengthy live feed, with spacegirl confined in a cage behind her. Her endurance is tested through the entire feed as a game of trying on different gags and collars is the main objective with PD almost spitefully telling her to speak up when he asks her questions, knowing that it is dreadful for her to speak any words, let alone carry on a conversation with him. She is bound and changes positions during her session…

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sglf8_4_03_09The memories stagger in upon me chaotically, as in a dream. Insects stinging, drawing blood. My hands, my breasts, trapped in unyielding metal. My movements secured with hooks buried deep inside my body: I am filled, I am owned. I walk like a marionette, with every step the hooks pull with cruelty inside my ass and my pussy. When I am released it is only to be stretched over a log and staked out in the grass; again I am left vulnerable, unable to protect myself from insects, biting my open body. My head secured in place with stakes and a gag. Shrieking as a worm is dangled over my face, crawling into my nose, squirming its slippery flesh over my tongue and my lips. And yet one memory towers above the rest of my torment; he called it the mala mansio…..

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spacetrain_07_05Spacegirl gets fed, exercised, stimulated, abused, and humiliated on her return trip to Insex.
Rolled out in a cage, she begs to piss; a vibrator quells her whining. She is then allowed pee onto a tray of crackers under her cage. Thin cord squeezes her nipples and stretches her tits. Wooden sticks clamp her throbbing pussy.

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