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7lf10_20_07_04Lucky seven explores her limits in this debut feed. Her trials begin with a three-hour pre-show that introduces her to different bondage positions and devices, including tight zipties, a harsh hogtie, and cruel metal high heels.

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Insex Fat Camp 3

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The long-awaited Insex Fat Camp 3 is a shocker for poor angelene. She’s chained, stapled, and wired so that her exercise regime can be improved. Violet wand and cattle prod follow, melting angelene to a puddle of tears. But the reward is well worth the wait. A juicy orgasm with fast fucking action provided by Mr. Pogo.

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Insex Fat Camp 2

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ifc2_03_06Did angelene lose weight like a good girl, or will she face harsh punishment and humiliation in Insex Fat Camp 2? During angelene’s second Live Feed, she learns that a cattle prod is integral to an exercise regimen, and that a cane leaves long-lasting bruising impressions.

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Anna’s Training

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annatrain_05_07anna’s training is a collage of suspensions, bound positions, tape, straps, and orgasms, all involving anna, a young blond with pendulous labia and an excitable clit. It begins with anna naked and tied in a way that allows her to squirm. Her hands and feet are then fully taped and she is encouraged to worm about with the help of a cattle prod.

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Hot Feet

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26lf5_17_07_14My second trip to New York was very eventful indeed. I would have to say it was almost an out of body experience. My first trip to Insex, being my first real experience of BDSM, was really out of curiosity to begin with. We have all heard the saying “ignorance is bliss”. Well I would say that was my attitude coming in the first time around. I have always had an interest in BDSM related things, but other than childhood experiences I hadn’t ever been in a real scene with the likes of the staff at Insex, let alone PD.

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OR Beaver

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beaver_05_35Seasoned sub and beloved member OR_beaver makes her fantasy a reality at Insex. Her ordeal begins immediately upon arrival. As soon as she walks through the door, she is given a contract to read. After signing the slave agreement, beaver is offered a glass-front tank. Cramped in the box’s small confines, she anxiously waits as it fills with water. Eventually the level is so high, she must bend her neck back at the surface to breathe.

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524_04_33PD keeps Insex newcomer 524 on her toes. Or in any other position he wants her in. Seated on a chair with wrists and ankles tied, the 21 year-old musician describes her fascination with bondage and tells of past exploits. PD stands her up and strips her clothes off. He tickles the nude victim, stuffing socks in her mouth to stifle her giggles…

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Sahara & Koko 2

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sk2_03_12Will koko suck cock? PD turns the tables on koko, torturing sahara’s delicious body at the expense of koko’s delicious body.  Bound and chained in predicaments where every move causes suffering to the other, the two girls try to work together to limit their pain, but the torment grows step by step, until koko is alone, bound tightly. PD dunks her in water headfirst while cattle prodding her into hysteria. The same question comes back to haunt her again and again. Will koko suck cock?…

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Pink Chair

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pinkchair_05_02PD goes at spacegirl with a cattle prod, and in the next moment he buries a vibrator in her pussy.  Bound to the pink chair for the duration of an informal live feed, spacegirl is forced to take everything PD metes out as he drags her back and forth over that rich and delicious edge, the divide between pleasure and pain. It starts innocently enough, with spacegirl in shackles and chains and working on a computer. The chat voice sputters in and out. Soon enough, spacegirl is bound to the chair and gagged with hard plastic tubing held in place by a metal band. A bag tied over her head has her measuring her breath as PD binds her breasts.

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Tough love

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 12-12-2017

tl_04_04Gagged and spread-eagled by a harsh metal spreader bar, her juicy pussy looks delious and inviting as PD straddles her face. Cyd wants to play too so a coin is tossed to decide this helpless victims fate.  Who gets her ass or who gets her mouth. One dildo goes in her ass and one in her cunt. The hard black cocks fuck her mercilessly. Rhythmically in her pussy and deep down into her throat. Her holes are fucked hard and deep. It almost sounds as if she purrs like a little kitten, while the two pervs get off on her discomfort. Not one, but two mr pogo’s invade her private sex holes by surprize, forcefully entering her tight flesh. Her ass gets fucked slowly while het mouth is occupied by the other black invader. A hard deep push makes her scream. She was not ready for this.

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