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Pig Prod

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 30-06-2018

cow12h1_05_29Cowgirl stars in the first of 3 articles that represent her 12 hour livefeed. She explains why she wants to do this marathon. She’s cuffed to a chair while being interviewed by the members. She states that she likes role-playing so pd makes a piggie out of her by gagging her with a pig-gag and she’s shocked with a pig-prod. A chocking collar makes speaking almost impossible.

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Piglet’s Training

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1203train_09_01So lithe and limber, she seductively writhes, enchanting as she languishes helplessly. Returned to continue her training, sweet Piglet suffers beautifully, as always.

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cow101_06_10She dresses like a whore for him.
She is naked yet clothed in her femininity.
She hates what he does to her,
you can see the torture in her eyes.
He doesn’t ask for much from her,
just to suffer quietly in front of him.
She squirms to keep her sanity
and struggles with the ties of agony he has put upon her.

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524_04_33PD keeps Insex newcomer 524 on her toes. Or in any other position he wants her in. Seated on a chair with wrists and ankles tied, the 21 year-old musician describes her fascination with bondage and tells of past exploits. PD stands her up and strips her clothes off. He tickles the nude victim, stuffing socks in her mouth to stifle her giggles…

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wenfarm_01_10Lithe, limber wenona visits PD’s farm.
She is first locked into wooden stocks to languish for the day. PD keeps her well hydrated, forcing her to drink out of a large calf bottle. He leaves her alone to get drenched in a storm. Shivering, suffering, she can do nothing to protect herself from the pouring rain…

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application_02_10The cage is His toy box and i am his toy. He keeps me in there to watch me languish as body weakens and mind breaks down. In the cage there is nowhere to hide. Every part is vulnerable and exposed. My bare skin presses up against the cold metal bars and my butt sticks through a gap in the floor. This is how he likes me, with everything accessible. I like it too, when he touches me and sticks things inside. But he only does this when he wants. For me there is nothing to do but wait. I hate waiting. Especially when I don’t know what it is I am waiting for…

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 27-01-2018

friends_08_05 1030 and 123 are friends. And as good friends do, they share all great things in life. 123 has been to insex before, so it’s only natural that she arranges for 1030 to share in the experience! A huge cloth-gag is put in 1030’s mouth and she is dressed up in rope. Feet tightly bound, hands behind her back, a chain holding her up. Pd pulls her tits out of her shirt and stands her up. A good tit-slapping gets her in the mood for what’s to come…

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gimped_03_09She struggles futilely as the rope is rapped around her. It seems to go on endlessly but meticulously so. Her pink pussy looks delicious and begs to be fucked. He touches her wetness and shoves a wire dental gag in her mouth hole. Next a sponge fills up the hole and is taped shut. She moans just like a metal whore in heat, her eyes widened with fear as the rope tightens around her neck and hair…

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Cabin Corps

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 16-12-2017

cc_01_12Ah the great outdoors – the chirping birds, the clean fresh air, the bound naked girls screaming through cloth-stuffed mouths. In this article, yx, 101, and 411 spend a relaxing day in the country, bonding with nature in a whole new way. At daybreak, poor yx is tied to a cross. Legs spread, arms outstretched, crotch resting on a sharp wooden block, she suffers beautifully as the pain quickly intensifies.

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1113’s test

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1113_03_16A dark beauty undresses herself in an amazying display of flexibility. Her clothes come off as she magicly unzips her pants. He tickles her foot as she sits spread eagle on the floor the while a sturdy metal spreader bar is wedged between her legs. Her tits dangle in front of her and she thinks “wow, piece of cake” until a yellow cloth is stuffed in her full mouth. The gag is secured with tape around her head and straight black hair. He fondles her jiggly tits. Mr pogo gets a turn at her juicy wet pussy, fucking her unforgivingly.

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