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Kirby and Anna

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 30-10-2018

kirby_anna_10_59Kirby sitting beside a table, fondling ropes, expectant. Kirby locked in metal box. Kirby is a breast, a leg, a tongue, some appendage tied off outside a metal box and tortured. Anna exudes innocent confidence until the rope tightens about her neck. She wilts. The hogtie is unsparing. She whines. He makes it tighter. Kirby is dragged from the box and bound. Suspended by her hair.

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Madison Young

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 08-09-2018

madison_07_27Looking over the site on Insex I became nervous. I had done bondage before but this seemed so hardcore (needles, bags, suffocation). I was wavering on the uncertainty of my occupational choice and riddled with excitement towards the upcoming shoot. But I’m always one for testing boundaries.

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411’s Test

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 23-06-2018

411test_07_16Would you know me if you saw me on the street? Would you recognize the animal lurking inside me, waiting to be released? Would you see it in my eyes? Would you tap your buddy on the shoulder, point, and whisper, “That, my friend, is a bondage slut?” Would you suspect that only two hours ago I was lying naked on a cold, concrete floor, bound and gagged and writhing in pain? Probably not. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t have the bruises to prove it.

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43’s Training

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 19-05-2018

43train_05_1843, who previously appeared in an article and a live feed, returns, much to the pleasure of those who loved her pretty feet. She begins seated on a stool, wearing a skirt, top, and high heel sandals. Her wrists are bound behind her. Her long wavy brown hair, which spills down about her neck and shoulders, is gathered into the ligature tied about her neck.

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828’s Test

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 24-04-2018

828_04_2718 year old 828 has heard from another insex model about the site and decided to give it a try, because she experiences bdsm as “comforting” and “very erotic”. This exotic looking girl is put through the test by pd, who is not exactly treating her like the boyfriends she has played with before.

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1113’s test

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 02-12-2017

1113_03_16A dark beauty undresses herself in an amazying display of flexibility. Her clothes come off as she magicly unzips her pants. He tickles her foot as she sits spread eagle on the floor the while a sturdy metal spreader bar is wedged between her legs. Her tits dangle in front of her and she thinks “wow, piece of cake” until a yellow cloth is stuffed in her full mouth. The gag is secured with tape around her head and straight black hair. He fondles her jiggly tits. Mr pogo gets a turn at her juicy wet pussy, fucking her unforgivingly.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 06-05-2017

cana5_07_19Driven by curiosity, they are drawn to this strange place. They want to explore, to see new things, to push their limits. Some stay to pursue their inquiries. Others run away screaming. This article shows two girls who decided their first Insex experience was more than enough.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 22-04-2017

130lf3_3_11_09Step into my office,” he said, locking the door behind him and gesturing toward a small cage at the side of his desk. Hesitating at first, the sleek blonde professional sashayed across the room. She straightened her suit jacket and skirt before bending down on her knees and crawling inside. The metal door was shut and secured. And so began the most bizarre job interview of her career.

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33’s Test

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 14-03-2017

33test_06_16As a newcomer to the fierce sport of BDSM, 33’s sexy playful attitude gets her through harsh bondage, flogging, ballooned breasts, and penetration. Much to her demise, 33 comes without asking, the silly girl. She is duly punished, learning her mistake the hard way

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 28-01-2017

When I first arrived at the studio, for the day of my first shoot, I was a bit nervous. This was due to what I had witnessed the night before during SX’s live feed. For reasons unknown this feeling quickly left me and was replaced by a more comfortable one. I guess there was some excitement that had build up in me, to be the victim of PD’s imagination.

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