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Dana, Part One

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 14-07-2018

dana1_05_11Dana is brought to the farm locked inside a carbon fiber sarcophagus. Almost as soon as the lid comes off, her disdain for her tormentor is obvious. She tries to resist, but she can hardly move, can she? Her exceptional pussy, sumptuous and naturally unfolding like its hungry for cock, quickly becomes the object of torment.

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Tyler Scot’s Training

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 16-06-2018

tylertrain_11_15Tyler is led on to a bed while a pole is tied into her mouth. Her legs are tied, spread out to give us a good look. She’s fucked with another pole and tickled. Suction cups on her nipples and pussy. An electric toothbrush on her labia and tied clit. Forced orgasm…

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Anna’s Training

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 26-05-2018

annatrain_05_07anna’s training is a collage of suspensions, bound positions, tape, straps, and orgasms, all involving anna, a young blond with pendulous labia and an excitable clit. It begins with anna naked and tied in a way that allows her to squirm. Her hands and feet are then fully taped and she is encouraged to worm about with the help of a cattle prod.

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Cali’s Holding

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 10-03-2018

cali_06_12slave (sl„v) n. 1. One bound in servitude as the property of a person or website. 2. One abjectly subservient to a specified person or influence. I lie still. No light penetrates my hood. He has bound me so tightly, I am unable to move. The gag he forced into my mouth swallows my voice, my sounds.

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What A Dog

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 09-09-2017

1016lf12_3_06_09Her desire is to please. To serve her master, to follow his commands. Her leather tail wags delightedly at the sound of his praise. In her live feed from December 2000, 1016 demonstrates her prowess as man’s best friend. A well-trained puppy, she would make any master proud.

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The Gift

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 02-09-2017

bj3_06_21I kneeled in front of him and offered myself. He didn’t ask me to do it. It was my idea. But after that, after I signed the contract, he blindfolded me. Then he put me in a car and drove me somewhere. When he took me out, he led me through a door, then down stairs. The air was cool, damp. It smelled old. “Take off your clothes.” His voice echoed like we were in a big room. Chills ran up my arms and sides as I pulled my sweater over my head and dropped it at my feet. “Your skirt.” I loved his voice, his touch, his way with me. I wanted him to squeeze my breasts, tug them, slap them back and forth. I wanted him to pinch my nipples. If only he’d push me to the floor, hold my hands over my head, and force his cock into me…..

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Apt 101

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 05-08-2017

I know what you’re thinking: she’s not that type of girl. The type of girl that meets a strange man in a seedy bar. The type that gets wasted and shows up on his doorstep. The type that is used and abused for his pleasure and wakes up the next day in his filthy tub covered in muck, reeking, wretched. I am not that type of girl!…

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Molly’s Test

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 29-07-2017

She has five years of bondage modeling experience and a lifetime of fantasies. Yet molly matthews is still searching for something. Can PD give her the torture, humiliation, and sexual release that she craves? He’ll give her that and so much more. Seated in the interview chair, she answers PD’s questions, revealing the strange sexual urges she’s had since an early age…..

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Tyler Live

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 15-07-2017

tylerlf2_3_05_11Known for her hot body and mouth-watering nipples, the notorious Tyler faces interrogation, electro-torture, and forced orgasms. She’s prepped for her ordeal with a sack chained about her neck and her hands shackled to her sides. Her dress comes off slowly. Before long, she’s wearing nothing but stockings, heels, and suction cups on her nipples…..

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Bj’s Training

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 11-07-2017

In the coldness of his rooms and the silence of his mind, he imagines her to be a gem. She is a fairy, captured at his whim, to be designed, but fashioned in his mind, sculpted, tempered by his forge and his fire. She’s delivered to him in a crate and wrapped in plastic, merchandise to be consumed. Oh how he trembles, unraveling the ropes in his hands which will initiate his terrible ecstasy, the advent of his type of love. Without her, he is dead. Without a succession of fairies into his palace, he is made of wood. And so he buys another girl. He readies her, his new acquisition. And he molds her and causes her to suffer.

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