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Finding herself a long way from home, Norwegian visitor 1024 wonders why the Full Monty Insex Experience was not in the brochure.
Hooded and bound with belts, the petite blonde bombshell informs PD that she weighs 54 kilos and stands at 1.66 centimeters tall.  Dissatisfied with these responses, PD smacks her around a bit.

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Sounds of 411

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so411_06_21Moans, screams, blood-curdling yowls. And of course, those happy sounds that girls make when they come. The legendary 411 runs the gamut of sounds, taking an electrified “sound” in her urethra. She’s slowly throttled by the Gibbet, shocked, fucked in cunt and ass, burned, caned, and pussy flogged.

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Tyler Scot’s Training

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tylertrain_11_15Tyler is led on to a bed while a pole is tied into her mouth. Her legs are tied, spread out to give us a good look. She’s fucked with another pole and tickled. Suction cups on her nipples and pussy. An electric toothbrush on her labia and tied clit. Forced orgasm…

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Rubber Mila

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rubbermila_02_02Mila in rubber! That must be why there’s so many rubberfetishist out there now! The scene starts out with mila in a standing position, encased in hood, suit, boots and straightjacket. Even pd is wearing rubber for the occasion.

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Yx 24 hour #2

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yx24hlf2_03_01Humiliation is my endurance – Pain is my pleasure – Obedience is my defiance – What screams cannot measure – No matter how hard you try – Everything is a tangled struggle

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asphix_03_19Maybe Mama was right. There’s something not quite right with that girl. If she said it once, she said it a thousand times. Cause of all the boys come around looking for me. And then the beatings from Daddy. The whippings, and him calling me a whore. He come home early one night, mean drunk, and caught me with that boy from downstate. We fucked for an hour in the backseat of Daddy’s car.

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application_02_10The cage is His toy box and i am his toy. He keeps me in there to watch me languish as body weakens and mind breaks down. In the cage there is nowhere to hide. Every part is vulnerable and exposed. My bare skin presses up against the cold metal bars and my butt sticks through a gap in the floor. This is how he likes me, with everything accessible. I like it too, when he touches me and sticks things inside. But he only does this when he wants. For me there is nothing to do but wait. I hate waiting. Especially when I don’t know what it is I am waiting for…

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delicate_04_04331 is pushed to the limit in her first live feed. Strapped into a metal chair and straitjacket, she stews in her helplessness.  A leather hood is pulled over her head, leaving mouth exposed for a pump gag and tube to be inserted.  Water drips down at a constant rate, forcing 331 to drink or drown.

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101’s Dec Live Feed

Filed Under (Articles) by Master on 09-12-2017

101declf_08_03Endurance is my master’s pleasure for a carnival of nasty delights. My submission almost defies life. To submit is to ignore that voice inside your head that is urging you to run out of the room. And it takes all my strength not to run.

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stumped_01_45411 is transformed into not much more than a torso with all four limbs stumped tightly in clear latex and set into what appear to be prosthetic cups topping the four corners of a metal stand. A clear rubber corset accentuates her delicious female curves and ass. The bubble hood finishes her transformation. She becomes nothing but a toy made of flesh. Ass hook, Mr. Pogo, and breast suction. Tubes run every which way, from breasts and multiple orifices…..

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