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101’s February Feed

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 14-08-2018

101lf2_12_02_12I awoke at 4:30 this morning to the music of Aliens. My body was screaming from the aftershock but I was soaked. Then I remembered I’ve been dripping all day pacing around the dungeon. Just thinking about the sting of the flogger and offering myself for the next blow of the cane. The horror of the submissive stance in such a predicament and knowing its near.

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Mummy 101

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 29-05-2018

mummy101_04_01Everything is  so much more intense with this new found meaning to the why of things. Even the dust on the floor that i stare at right now has a whole new meaning to me.
It isn’t mundane anymore being with you. It isn’t so boring anymore and my brain feels alive. There’s something going on all the time and now it has a meaning.

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The Substitute

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 17-04-2018

substitute_01_06101 stars in a devilish metal contraption, that makes her feel like an object. Endurance is the name of the first scene of this livefeed. Movement and breathing are restricted to a minimum, while the audience chatters away in the background. But when the corporal begins, the audience goes quiet…

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 27-02-2018

cow101_06_10She dresses like a whore for him.
She is naked yet clothed in her femininity.
She hates what he does to her,
you can see the torture in her eyes.
He doesn’t ask for much from her,
just to suffer quietly in front of him.
She squirms to keep her sanity
and struggles with the ties of agony he has put upon her.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 08-01-2018

punctured_04_19411 and 101 return! Edited footage from their live feed in August of 2001 is great fun. When they’re not screaming from pain, even 411 and 101 laugh at their predicament. And as 411 crumples from laughter, 101 crumples from shocks to her cunt. Predicament torture, objectification, and 411’s permanent piercings, all in one neat package. It’s an Insex moment of agony, hilarity, and history you don’t want to miss.

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822 Live

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 27-12-2017

822_declf_03_15He spied her, hot and young and rash, And trussed her, goose-like, hands and feet. He taped her mouth and ripped her dress To probe and carve her like a meat. Driven like half-maddened beasts, The bulk of men act out of haste. But slowly binding her, he thinks That Girl is an acquired taste.

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Cabin Corps

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 16-12-2017

cc_01_12Ah the great outdoors – the chirping birds, the clean fresh air, the bound naked girls screaming through cloth-stuffed mouths. In this article, yx, 101, and 411 spend a relaxing day in the country, bonding with nature in a whole new way. At daybreak, poor yx is tied to a cross. Legs spread, arms outstretched, crotch resting on a sharp wooden block, she suffers beautifully as the pain quickly intensifies.

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101’s Dec Live Feed

Filed Under (Articles) by Master on 09-12-2017

101declf_08_03Endurance is my master’s pleasure for a carnival of nasty delights. My submission almost defies life. To submit is to ignore that voice inside your head that is urging you to run out of the room. And it takes all my strength not to run.

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The Mattress

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 28-10-2017

mattress_03_13That seductive pout begs to be stuffed full with cloth. Her firm, voluptuous breasts are waiting to be wrapped in wire. Long, limber legs are spread wide. And her cunt is open, oozing with desire. What could be better than this buxom blonde bound, gagged, and stretched out on a mattress? Add two other gorgeous insex girls to entertain her and share in the suffering. Whisked away to a remote cabin, 1016 is treated to some fireside fun. First bound tightly in green wire that pinches at her tits, ankles, wrists, knees and arms, she wriggles and writhes atop the bare mattress. PD silences her groans and grunts, forcing a rag into her mouth…

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What A Dog

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 09-09-2017

1016lf12_3_06_09Her desire is to please. To serve her master, to follow his commands. Her leather tail wags delightedly at the sound of his praise. In her live feed from December 2000, 1016 demonstrates her prowess as man’s best friend. A well-trained puppy, she would make any master proud.

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