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211 visits Insex and receives the ultimate stress test, left to languish, not allowed to come, caned, fucked, hot wax, the onerous wall of bifurcation, and drowning. She goes from ultimate boredom to terror. She seems to prefer the terror. At least it holds her interest.

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101’s February Feed

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101lf2_12_02_12I awoke at 4:30 this morning to the music of Aliens. My body was screaming from the aftershock but I was soaked. Then I remembered I’ve been dripping all day pacing around the dungeon. Just thinking about the sting of the flogger and offering myself for the next blow of the cane. The horror of the submissive stance in such a predicament and knowing its near.

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Dana, Part One

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dana1_05_11Dana is brought to the farm locked inside a carbon fiber sarcophagus. Almost as soon as the lid comes off, her disdain for her tormentor is obvious. She tries to resist, but she can hardly move, can she? Her exceptional pussy, sumptuous and naturally unfolding like its hungry for cock, quickly becomes the object of torment.

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Sticks ‘n’ Stones

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s_n_s_02_12912 likes it dirty and rough, as if she’s got “rape” written all over her. So PD goes psycho. You can almost hear him growl as he’s sucked into her heady sexual fog. Shackles, rope, and cock. In the end, she’s bound and buried up to the waist. Smoldering embers surround her. It’s night. Full moon. One plaintive long howl.

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202lf11_9_03_28202 sits in a chair, prim and proper with her hair tied back, white blouse, black skirt, high heels, and bound. Behind her, 912 is naked and locked into the 4X4 stocks. Two naked decorations, 114 and 117, sit side by side, caged. Soon a black leather head harness and inflatable gag are applied. Drool spills out of 202’s mouth. It is captured in a champagne flute for later use…

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Tylers Cabin

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tylercabin_06_08I keep to myself mostly. Don’t make a habit of poking my nose around where it don’t belong. But I was out hunting squirrel one day and my eyes about popped out of my head seeing what I saw coming down that old logging road. There’s a guy named Joe lives way back up the mountain. He’s never been much for socializing. But in the woods that day, there he was, driving his pickup on the logging road. And damned if there weren’t three girls tied behind that truck buck naked, like they was livestock. He had their necks all yoked together. Their hands were tied behind their backs. They had big old pieces of wood tied in their mouths so they couldn’t make much of a sound.

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Violets Training

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violettrain_08_12I sometimes like to flaunt my girl-ness. My pleated skirt bounces as I walk, swinging and swaying and hinting just enough at what lays beneath. I flaunt my strength, flexing my girl-muscles, the control I imagine I have on the people that I walk past. I approach the building that is now so familiar to me, waiting for the elevator that always takes forever to arrive– I never saw what hit me.

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Cabin Fever

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rage_04_02The choice was hers. He asked flat out: would she accept his ties, his tortures? And she did, signed herself away. Just one weekend – how bad could it be? He places a collar on her neck, orders her to undress. Hands cuffed, she struggles to wriggle out of her jeans. Kneeling, she presents her smooth bare ass. He removes her shirt and binds her arms. Willingly, she submits as the ropes pinch harshly into her skin.

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The Mattress

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mattress_03_13That seductive pout begs to be stuffed full with cloth. Her firm, voluptuous breasts are waiting to be wrapped in wire. Long, limber legs are spread wide. And her cunt is open, oozing with desire. What could be better than this buxom blonde bound, gagged, and stretched out on a mattress? Add two other gorgeous insex girls to entertain her and share in the suffering. Whisked away to a remote cabin, 1016 is treated to some fireside fun. First bound tightly in green wire that pinches at her tits, ankles, wrists, knees and arms, she wriggles and writhes atop the bare mattress. PD silences her groans and grunts, forcing a rag into her mouth…

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1030’s Debut

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1030lf11_18_11_20Her Master sent her to Insex for some intensive training. With golden blonde hair and an angelic smile, she looked so sweet and pure. But beneath that cute exterior lay an astoundingly strong, brave woman driven by her own desire. In the live feed from November 18, 2001, 1030 stoically accepts all of PD’s tortures, confronts her fears, and suffers gracefully throughout. Locked down to the studio floor in metal stocks, 1030 first receives a lesson in patience and discomfort. She fidgets uneasily before the cameras, switching between the 3 positions that her bondage allows.

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