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Blow by Blow

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 23-10-2018

912lf4_2_2_07_23If the first half of 912’s Live Feed was nuclear, the second half is The Apocalypse as PD lets loose a firestorm of whipping and caning. An inverted suspension exacts a tremendous toll on 912. She faints as her next trial begins. But that doesn’t stop 912. She’s strapped into a diabolical machine (lying down, thank God) and forcibly fucked by the Pink Horror. It’s a Feed to end all Feeds.

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Insex Fat Camp 3

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The long-awaited Insex Fat Camp 3 is a shocker for poor angelene. She’s chained, stapled, and wired so that her exercise regime can be improved. Violet wand and cattle prod follow, melting angelene to a puddle of tears. But the reward is well worth the wait. A juicy orgasm with fast fucking action provided by Mr. Pogo.

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straightjacket_05_13Bondage pure and simple, delivered in sonata form – straightjacket, shackles, straitghjacket. Strapped into institutional restraints and straitjacket, Caroline is made to suck dick. Then she’s shackled into a spectacularly fuckable position for the night. Morning brings a return of the straightjacket, this time accompanied by locking Caroline’s head in a box. She’s completely and totally fucked (literally). Straightjacket gives you sexual bondage at its most stark – a bondage lover’s dream.

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1016 in rubber

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1016rubber_05_09When I enter the room, my host, who has been gracious and lively all evening, holds the heavy door for me. My eyes fall upon the central column. First glance. A figure, human-like, appears to be bound there. “My most recent sculpture,” my host says as the door clicks shut behind us, a dull sound that echoes throughout the large, open space.

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1020’s Challenge

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 04-03-2017

1020lf4_12_05_03I feel such a loyalty and belief in the established models who so obviously show such total bravery and commitment in their shows that I confess I view any newcomer with a little bit of suspicion. Not hostility in any way, I always feel supportive, but I find it difficult to believe or accept that yet another can be so ‘special’. However, in my view, 1020 has just joined the very best here.

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Cell 101 Endurance

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 28-02-2017

cell101_6_6_03_23Cell 101 is the edited live footage and stills of a trio of endurance tests designed to expand the limits of traditional BDSM scenarios while investigating the psychological and physical effects of restrictive confinement and terror. The use of resident models makes this kind of inquiry possible.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 21-02-2017

731_08_29731 wows us with her flexibility, sexuality, and unadulterated love of pain. Bound in position after position, she receives shocks to the tits, vaginal and anal fucking, cocksucking, pussy whipping, a brutal caning, and orgasm. And after the final shock to her ass and cunt, what’s her reaction? – “Nice.”

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101 Test

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 04-02-2017

At INSEX I discovered my new favorite therapy: xtasy through torture. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed the feeling of a blade slipping through my flesh or a needle sticking in a vein, and yet, I never went beyond these particular experiences. Only now, after my visit with INSEX, am I beginning to realize where I can go with those natural tendencies of mine and what pleasure may be in store.

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Moonshine Live

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 03-01-2017

Bewitching moonshine sparkles in her first live feed.
Stepping out in tall, tough boots, stockings, and a ruffled black dress, she is first tested with a tight steel collar connected to a chain that runs between her legs and hooks in front at her cuffed wrists. Moonshine performs a delicate balancing act to reduce the pressure on her crotch and save herself from strangling. PD gradually intensifies her predicament, removing the boots to force her on tiptoe then pulling one leg up so that she must support her weight on a single pointed foot.

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112’s Debut Feed

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 06-12-2016

I want to do what I want to do. I don’t need no loud mouth, spoiled brat telling me what to do. I want someone who won’t bitch and moan all the time making me miserable! And I make sure she understands this! I want what I want ! When I decide to spend some time with her, if she complains about anything, I’ll put her aside with the others until she shuts her big mouth up!

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