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violet_04_16When violet is wheeled in to the studio she is all taped up, body in black and head in white tape. Pd unreavells his present and reveales a cute girl in skirt, shirt and smilie socks. Her hands firmly locked behind her back with hand cuffs.

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Piglet’s Training

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1203train_09_01So lithe and limber, she seductively writhes, enchanting as she languishes helplessly. Returned to continue her training, sweet Piglet suffers beautifully, as always.

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Cali’s Holding

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cali_06_12slave (sl„v) n. 1. One bound in servitude as the property of a person or website. 2. One abjectly subservient to a specified person or influence. I lie still. No light penetrates my hood. He has bound me so tightly, I am unable to move. The gag he forced into my mouth swallows my voice, my sounds.

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The Face

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face_02_06This article is from the year 2000. It almost seems like yesterday, but ten years have now gone by. Here is PD with a military look and a very young and beautifully fresh Tyler Scott. It includes; Steel bondage frame, face torture by mouth and nose hooks, suspension with caning and clothes-pegs, inverted suspension, hooded & hogtied, taped to a bamboo x-frame and mummified.

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friends_08_05 1030 and 123 are friends. And as good friends do, they share all great things in life. 123 has been to insex before, so it’s only natural that she arranges for 1030 to share in the experience! A huge cloth-gag is put in 1030’s mouth and she is dressed up in rope. Feet tightly bound, hands behind her back, a chain holding her up. Pd pulls her tits out of her shirt and stands her up. A good tit-slapping gets her in the mood for what’s to come…

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straightjacket_05_13Bondage pure and simple, delivered in sonata form – straightjacket, shackles, straitghjacket. Strapped into institutional restraints and straitjacket, Caroline is made to suck dick. Then she’s shackled into a spectacularly fuckable position for the night. Morning brings a return of the straightjacket, this time accompanied by locking Caroline’s head in a box. She’s completely and totally fucked (literally). Straightjacket gives you sexual bondage at its most stark – a bondage lover’s dream.

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Face covered with a rubber mask, wrists and ankles restrained in cuffs, yx struggles to wriggle her way out of a wooden doghouse. Rubberized in panties, stockings, and a tightly cinched corset, she is lifted up onto her tiptoes, legs wobbling as she balances precariously on a pair of toe boots. A dildo is shoved between wide-spread legs while a vibrator stimulates her hard, swollen clit.

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YX’s Test

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When my flight landed today, my stomach was very unsettled. Unsettled because I don t like flying, yes; however, the butterflies I had due to my anxiousness worsened my state. I had no idea what to expect. Well, the experiences of the day went beyond my wildest imagination.

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Bj’s 24

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Bj’s back, shackled and looking so hot in her lace panties an bra, her sexy body lies on the floor ready for anything. Sir Barry’s expert caning amuses her and she doesn’t seem nervous at all. Cocky bj yells with a smirk in her voice “I’m a bondage slut.”

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What begins as your everyday abduction ends with the big stunner, a martyrdom replete with a crucifixion. She begins unhappy. Unwilling? On the floor of a straw-filled barn. She wears jogging clothes as though he caught her unaware. She struggles, her ankles and wrists locked into stocks made of metal rungs bolted through an old four-by-four. A feed sack has been shoved over her head. She moans and cries.

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