Pig Prod

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cow12h1_05_29Cowgirl stars in the first of 3 articles that represent her 12 hour livefeed. She explains why she wants to do this marathon. She’s cuffed to a chair while being interviewed by the members. She states that she likes role-playing so pd makes a piggie out of her by gagging her with a pig-gag and she’s shocked with a pig-prod. A chocking collar makes speaking almost impossible.

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Piglet’s Training

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1203train_09_01So lithe and limber, she seductively writhes, enchanting as she languishes helplessly. Returned to continue her training, sweet Piglet suffers beautifully, as always.

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drink_08_01Like a diapered newborn in her highchair, 412 fidgets restlessly, anxious to come out and play. Metal restraining her absolutely around the neck and wrists, she fixes her makeup chained to the station. Metal boots tightened at the bottom crush her finely arched feet, causing her large eyes to glaze with tears. With a rubber brake laced over neck and mouth, she is forced to gulp water that drips into her mouth through a long tube.

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1030’s Debut

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1030lf11_18_11_20Her Master sent her to Insex for some intensive training. With golden blonde hair and an angelic smile, she looked so sweet and pure. But beneath that cute exterior lay an astoundingly strong, brave woman driven by her own desire. In the live feed from November 18, 2001, 1030 stoically accepts all of PD’s tortures, confronts her fears, and suffers gracefully throughout. Locked down to the studio floor in metal stocks, 1030 first receives a lesson in patience and discomfort. She fidgets uneasily before the cameras, switching between the 3 positions that her bondage allows.

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Seven Live

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7lf1_25_05_21Seven proves to be a true submissive as she endures her lengthy live feed, with spacegirl confined in a cage behind her. Her endurance is tested through the entire feed as a game of trying on different gags and collars is the main objective with PD almost spitefully telling her to speak up when he asks her questions, knowing that it is dreadful for her to speak any words, let alone carry on a conversation with him. She is bound and changes positions during her session…

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spacetrain_07_05Spacegirl gets fed, exercised, stimulated, abused, and humiliated on her return trip to Insex.
Rolled out in a cage, she begs to piss; a vibrator quells her whining. She is then allowed pee onto a tray of crackers under her cage. Thin cord squeezes her nipples and stretches her tits. Wooden sticks clamp her throbbing pussy.

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When betty said she was taking a hiatus, PD decided to give her an experience she wouldn’t soon forget. In her live feed she experiences real torments, reacts with raw emotion, and provides a memorable evening for everyone.

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