Pig Prod

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cow12h1_05_29Cowgirl stars in the first of 3 articles that represent her 12 hour livefeed. She explains why she wants to do this marathon. She’s cuffed to a chair while being interviewed by the members. She states that she likes role-playing so pd makes a piggie out of her by gagging her with a pig-gag and she’s shocked with a pig-prod. A chocking collar makes speaking almost impossible.

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azlf1_12_03_05She must have gotten caught sneaking into the linen closet with the butler one too many times. In this live feed from January 12, 2002, Matt, debuting as an Insex dom, sufficiently punishes az for her crime. Leather tight around her neck, az, clad in a frilly French maid’s uniform, anxiously awaits her fate. Giving her relief from her torturous six-inch heels, Matt orders his sexy servant to clean the floor. With wrists and ankles cuffed, she waddles around on hands and knees as she sweeps and mops the floor, then scrubs it with a brush in her mouth. Once she has finished with her cleaning, she is allowed to rest on the floor. She languishes in extreme bondage positions for the remainder of the pre-show.

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Cunt Face

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There’s this game she played with the neighbor girl. Fumbling with shoelaces and string, the young innocents would tie each other up and imagine all the evil things a kidnapper could do to them. Eighteen years later, to the delight of Insex members around the world, spacegirl finds herself playing a similar game. Of course, the rules have changed since then.

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