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Paper Cow

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 13-10-2018

papercow_04_13Bound with sharp-edged cable cords to a high metal chair, cowgirl is a living, breathing statue, a monument to desire. Platinum blonde with ruby red lips contrasting her pearly skin, she is eroticism encapsulated. Throughout the three-hour pre-feed PD hovers around her like a shark eagerly circling its prey.

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Pig Prod

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 30-06-2018

cow12h1_05_29Cowgirl stars in the first of 3 articles that represent her 12 hour livefeed. She explains why she wants to do this marathon. She’s cuffed to a chair while being interviewed by the members. She states that she likes role-playing so pd makes a piggie out of her by gagging her with a pig-gag and she’s shocked with a pig-prod. A chocking collar makes speaking almost impossible.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 27-02-2018

cow101_06_10She dresses like a whore for him.
She is naked yet clothed in her femininity.
She hates what he does to her,
you can see the torture in her eyes.
He doesn’t ask for much from her,
just to suffer quietly in front of him.
She squirms to keep her sanity
and struggles with the ties of agony he has put upon her.

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Cowgirl’s Live Feed

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 20-01-2018

cowlf_02_03The luna moth is pale green and bears two long tails on either side, luminous and frail. A multitude of moths will come to lights when the night is dark, but the luna moths always caught his eye. They fly in search of the moon, and love, or more likely lust, of an entomological kind. Grey speckled spiders as big as a man’s hand will construct large webbed orbs near bright sources of light. We think of spiders as ugly as unkind, as murderers who eat out their prey from the inside.

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Cowgirl’s Feed

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 30-12-2017

cowlf1_6_11_20He thinks of the Insex set as an autopsy room, where bodies are laid out, sliced, and cracked open. He thinks of the show as vivisection, as a method of discovery, every ounce of female flesh – a book. And her hair falling down about her throat, her painted lips and eyes, the endless fabric of young skin, her limbs, fingers, hair, cunt – a library. He studies her. He tests her endurance during the first hour with metal, the next hour with wrap after wrap of rope, and for the third hour, rubber. He weighs her down, ties her body into knots, encases her, then relents. After he is finished with the first torments, he begins.

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The Barn

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 18-11-2017

barn_02_07My dreams curdle the night, the heavy, wet November night. Outside, the rustle of corn in the fields, silage of dreams, of a man’s want. And inside, my boner poking up against the sheet. Lightening far off, breaking out the night. The whispering of the house, conversations of ghosts. And the howls. That pack of dogs is come sniffing around the barn again. They always know when I got me another girl. I got me two of them a couple days ago, their pussies ripe and glittery-wet like jewels, nipples as tight and hard as nuggets, cold enough to ripple the skin. November’s got a chill around these parts. When a girl shivers it bones me up fat and hard, strong enough to squirt…

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Cow MakeUp

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 21-10-2017

cowmakeup_04_05For me, the anticipation had been building. I had, for so long, been eagerly awaiting this moment when PD would once again take my wrists and so nimbly apply them with rope. As he continued the binding by tying my elbows, and subsequently securing my arms to the column in an intense, backward stretch I could feel the excitement begin to overwhelm me. The sensation of moisture that had been accumulating inside me since we began had now escalated to where I could feel it begin to run down my leg….

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Twat Hang

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 15-08-2017

cowlf12_09_09_11Her opalescent, resilient flesh is so tantalizing everyone wants to get their hands on it. Gagged and bound helplessly, she wails and cries at their abuse. But her soft brown eyes betray, revealing the burning desire of which she dares not speak. In her live feed from December 2000, cowgirl relishes in the torments of three different doms…

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Cow Show

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 13-05-2017

cowlf4_29_05_20In this live feed from April 29, 2001, Cowgirl is pushed to new levels of suffering and self-awareness. Once again in PD’s clutches, the unknowing victim submits willingly as she is stripped, bound, tortured, and explored. The merciless torments and unyielding bondage are beyond anything she has yet experienced and the horror is intense as she bravely confronts her fears.

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Cow Test

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 10-12-2016

I have to admit, I love my master. I love him for disciplining, teaching, and nurturing me into the bondage slut that I am today. In every moment of my life I long for his approval, wanting so much to hear him say “Good job”, or “I am proud of you”. I have no greater satisfaction then I do in those moments.

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