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Proposal Part 2

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 17-01-2017

In Proposal 1, az gave herself to cyd. And for her first evening in his possession, he gave her pleasure as though lulling her into a coma. In Proposal 2, az pays a heavy price for her pleasure. By the end, she’s growling, her eyes deranged, her body dripping, a hundred points of red smearing. Like her mascara, the way it runs like blood.

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Breaking & Entering

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She’s sexy, hot. He watches her through her windows. And that night in particular, he waiting for when her lights go out. He sees her leave her apartment and walk down the street, her short, tight skirt showing the lines of her ass, her spike heels giving him a hard-on.

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For her life feed, 120 has 33 by her side, taking the same torment, the same agony, both hogtied, both suspended by the hair and then the ankles. But inevitably, 33 is locked in a cage and 120 has to go it on her own, locked down into an “electric” chair for her interrogation. Orgasms on the rack mark the grand finale, and 120 does those up to the nines while fucked with inquisition-style implements.

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The Roommate

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Vita heard about insex from her roommate friend. She is a newbie to bondage and figured she would like to give it a try. As pd questions her and begins the scene mindfucking her with a shiny pair of scissors, she sits terrorized as he tells her that he just might cut off her nipples . The tears begin to flow. A posture collar tightens around her long neck making her voice all squeaky and high pitched, next in goes a rubber ballgag with a pump thingy attached to it. She tries to push it out, but that’s not going to happen. He leaves her to sit for awhile in bondage, alone to ponder in horror of the unknown, what will happen next… and this is only the beginning.

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Moonshine Live

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Bewitching moonshine sparkles in her first live feed.
Stepping out in tall, tough boots, stockings, and a ruffled black dress, she is first tested with a tight steel collar connected to a chain that runs between her legs and hooks in front at her cuffed wrists. Moonshine performs a delicate balancing act to reduce the pressure on her crotch and save herself from strangling. PD gradually intensifies her predicament, removing the boots to force her on tiptoe then pulling one leg up so that she must support her weight on a single pointed foot.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 31-12-2016

The farmer leads in the last of his stock and checks his herd for the night. All five are locked into metal containment. Crickets chirp. Girls moan. Oh the country life.

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Az baby

Filed Under (3 Hole Girls, Articles) by Admin on 27-12-2016

Stunning AZ, exquisite in black body stocking, leather corset, and stiletto heeled boots, returns as Domme. This time around, she torments babydoll, a heavy pain slut and a repeat orgasm slut. From her arsenal, AZ deploys a rapid style of caning, fists, handfuls of clothespins, and a big long strap-on. She fingerfucks, ass-fucks, and fist-fucks babydoll, who lives up to her reputation. AZ builds upon her growing reputation, revealing her sadistic side. And what a nasty, hot sadist AZ turns out to be.

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16 X 9

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 24-12-2016

A collection of three fantastic shoots with three fantastic models. No one can beat 731’s iron will and determination as she hangs in the gibbet. Then, a saucy canagirl named Elizabeth flaunts her sexy body as she’s tied up, tickled, and whipped. Moonshine delivers the coup de grace, locked in stocks and toughing it out through several rounds of foot torture. Each model creates a foil for the next, revealing the daring of the girls, their courage, and the big bonus – three beautiful pussies.

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322 Sage

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 20-12-2016

Blood red lips, lush, lithe, and long-legged. 322 looks great throttled. She looks even better fucked. Slim and sultry, 322 appears to have perfected an in-your-face stance. The attitude doesn’t last long once rope winds around her slender neck, bringing her to her toes. She’s 23, five foot nine inches tall, and doesn’t wear underwear. It’s so much easier to apply the crotch rope that way.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 17-12-2016

After submitting to PD, 49 reveals her naughty side, showing off her own skills with rope and whip. Bent over with arms bound to legs, 49 waddles around the studio, lead by a rope running through her crotch. Balled up on the ground, her ass and pussy are offered perfectly for a leather paddle…

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