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Pumpkin Queen

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 22-07-2017

Master is always full of surprises. Like tonight, when he comes home with a large, ripe pumpkin in hand. “Trick or treat?” he whispers devilishly, pulling harshly at my long ponytail. Gagged already, I shrug my shoulders, as if I have any choice in the matter. As if I ever have a choice when he’s in this kind of mood.

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Peaches 3

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You have to admit she looks better dressed in ropes, a hard ball gag forcing her jaw wide. Take a gander at that wholesome freckled face, that sweet country-girl look. And breath deep, get yourself a lung full of the salty scent rising from her open crotch. Take your time with her, because she’s not going anywhere now that you’ve got a noose at her neck and you’ve trussed her like a calf…..

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Tyler Live

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tylerlf2_3_05_11Known for her hot body and mouth-watering nipples, the notorious Tyler faces interrogation, electro-torture, and forced orgasms. She’s prepped for her ordeal with a sack chained about her neck and her hands shackled to her sides. Her dress comes off slowly. Before long, she’s wearing nothing but stockings, heels, and suction cups on her nipples…..

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Bj’s Training

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In the coldness of his rooms and the silence of his mind, he imagines her to be a gem. She is a fairy, captured at his whim, to be designed, but fashioned in his mind, sculpted, tempered by his forge and his fire. She’s delivered to him in a crate and wrapped in plastic, merchandise to be consumed. Oh how he trembles, unraveling the ropes in his hands which will initiate his terrible ecstasy, the advent of his type of love. Without her, he is dead. Without a succession of fairies into his palace, he is made of wood. And so he buys another girl. He readies her, his new acquisition. And he molds her and causes her to suffer.

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Piglets Debut

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piglf12_9_06_16The journey is beginning. I’m told to sit down on the floor as Master begins attaching me to a large, heavy steel triangle. My ankles are squeezed painfully into the metal cuffs. I guess people really can be big-boned, because my feet are going numb by the time he’s secured the metal collar around my neck and the cuffs on my wrists. He asks me to pull my legs out in front of me as far as I can. The pressure on my ankles causes me to wince, and I try to adjust my neck inside the collar it’s so tight…..

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 05-07-2017

822train_05_13He patiently tests and trains each one. Teaches them to submit, to process their pain, to accept their fate. In 822’s shoot, the blonde bombshell takes her lessons seriously and succeeds in mastering all that she is taught…..

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YX’s Debut

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 01-07-2017

yxlf6_10_04_14Long flowing dark hair. Tight, lithe body. Her cunt drips at the touch of the ropes. Filled with a mixture of nervousness and excitement, she is introduced to the members. In her Debut Feed from June 10, 2000, yx accepts the bondage, the torture, the pain; she is immersed in it all….

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 28-06-2017

stumped_01_45411 is transformed into not much more than a torso with all four limbs stumped tightly in clear latex and set into what appear to be prosthetic cups topping the four corners of a metal stand. A clear rubber corset accentuates her delicious female curves and ass. The bubble hood finishes her transformation. She becomes nothing but a toy made of flesh. Ass hook, Mr. Pogo, and breast suction. Tubes run every which way, from breasts and multiple orifices…..

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 24-06-2017

sglf8_4_03_09The memories stagger in upon me chaotically, as in a dream. Insects stinging, drawing blood. My hands, my breasts, trapped in unyielding metal. My movements secured with hooks buried deep inside my body: I am filled, I am owned. I walk like a marionette, with every step the hooks pull with cruelty inside my ass and my pussy. When I am released it is only to be stretched over a log and staked out in the grass; again I am left vulnerable, unable to protect myself from insects, biting my open body. My head secured in place with stakes and a gag. Shrieking as a worm is dangled over my face, crawling into my nose, squirming its slippery flesh over my tongue and my lips. And yet one memory towers above the rest of my torment; he called it the mala mansio…..

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mophead_11_02Thin blonde braids tumble over the shoulder, skimming her firm, supple breasts. In this article, 130, a Southern Belle with attitude, discovers some new uses for her long golden locks. After her interview, 130 is stripped and bound to a chair with legs spread wide. Nipples clamped, wrists bound in a V overhead, she is strung up like a marionette. Arms wave and tits bounce at the tug of a string.

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