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The Keep – Bonus Update

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When Insex approached me about doing a 24-hour live bondage session, I didn’t hesitate to say yes! I had always wondered what it would be like to be in constant bondage, what it would be like to not be able to say, “ok, I’m tired, lets quit.” Endurance bondage is considered to be a challenge for me. It looked like it would be a lot of fun to do. I would find out just how “fun” it was going to be. Perhaps even regret so hasty a decision.

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HD availabe

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The farmer leads in the last of his stock and checks his herd for the night. All five are locked into metal containment. Crickets chirp. Girls moan.
Dairy is now available to purchase at Check it out if you already don’t have it and add it to your Insex collection!



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This bonus article features Rachel in classic Insex livefeed, never before posted on InsexArchives
What’s your name
Your very pretty
she bats her eyelashes
His cock gets hard
He pulls her skirt up
she pulls it down
You have a nice body
Let me fondle your tits
He feels her up
she welcomes his advances

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He told me to strip and kneel. Now I’m feeling a bit more excited about what might happen. Taking my arms, he ties them behind my back, wrapping the ropes around my arms, then under and over my breasts. He pulls the ropes tight around my chest, making me feel like I’m having to work harder to breathe.

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Bonus update: Paige

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I sat there in my own urine as my head was forced up by the hood that tightly squeezed my neck…adding to the difficulty in breathing. After he locked me into the steel stocks he commented on my hair. “I know your very vain about your hair, it is beautiful, and I think you will like the new purpose I have planned for it.” He pulled the locks forward holding them over my face as he pulled the hood on. I was now breathing through a mat of my own hair. This immediate condition was nothing compared to the small tortures my hair would inflict on me. It was hot in the hood and itches would erupt randomly. This drove me crazy. They only seemed to subside as a desperate need to urinate overtook my consciousness.

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Far from anything remotely glamor…

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Angie from Spain has been here for 4 years.
Her hot bod and sexy look gets pd going real good. That sparks his questions to probe her more and more. PD wants to know how she came to like a subject like this. She gets turn on by watching it on the computer, is what she tells him.

He orders her to get down on her knees and lay flat on her stomach – she obliges.
Like a good slut should, her enthusiasm shows as her seductive breath and moans and makes his cock rock hard. Her body is tanned and lean with nice tits. The metal shackles clang loudly through the studio.

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The trip from hell… Bonus Article

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amongstrangers_03_17Among Strangers

It was simply the trip from hell. The train was delayed at every station. Seemingly on purpose. Every city that train pulled into, had some type of problem. What was supposed to be a nice, relaxing 10 hour trip, turned out to be a nightmarish 18 hours. There was only one thing on my mind when I got off that train.. sleep. But that wasn’t going be happening any time soon. There was still another hour of traveling to do. The hotel was on the other side of town. At this point, meeting the men that Master had made the arrangements with, was the very last thing on my mind. I had some attitude, and it clearly showed. However, that would soon be remedied. The morning would come quick for me…hardly quick enough for Master.

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A physical challenge and emotional torture…

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SamReturns_03_03Sam’s Return

At home, the focus of her life’s daily requirements are dulling her senses, and eroding awareness of her physical self. Even the ritual of professional achievement is losing its lure. She is compelled by her body. In the haze of daily predictable sensations, she makes the phone call that will always provide her with the nuances of satisfaction.

In what might have been hours or days or a week, Sam is at the airport. She arrives to the smell of kerosine and fatigue. The scent is specific to places of exchange. Normally, the combination is delicate and infused into the air, attempting to conceal itself. But by now, Sam is trained without knowing it. Already she is very aware of these details; the boredom of airport colors, reflections of people at adjoining gates, metal detectors and overweight security personal huddle, too obviously, in one place. The smell of the unit – it is the smell of everything interior…

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I make them do things they don’t want to do….

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Their bodies talk to me, telling me what they need. That’s how I choose my girls. Tight skirts. Panty-lines. Nipples and spandex. And that girl smell.

I feel bad for them, of course I do. They’re so young and soft and fresh, and I’m hard on them. I have to pull the ropes tight. I make them do things they don’t want to do. I push things in their mouths and tape them good. And I put things inside them at other places too….

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From the Insex Vault… Olympics

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olympics_01_03Bonus update: Olypics

The girls of began their training for the Bondage Olympics,
as suggested and imagined by subscribers.
“The Master’s Challenge” was to get six girls into bondage,
based on two crude drawings. PD and Viking made it happen.

If they ever add a Bondage event to the Olympics,
the team will be ready!
Thanks for a fun day,
and thanks for keeping us “in shape!”

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