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Kidnapped & Crucified

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 10-10-2017

1020_822_06_05These city girls, they’re somethin’ else. Least that’s what they think, I suspect. I find em in the bars, all dolled up, makin’ eyes at every pretty boy who comes their way. Buy a couple drinks, get em nice and buzzed. And before you know it they’re in the back of my truck, flopping around like a couple hogs ready for the kill. I’ll take em home for some fresh country air, show em how nice us simple folk can be. I suck on their hard little nipples, reach between their legs to play with their shaved cunts. They make some noise and try to get away. But you know they like it, calms em down for a spell…

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26’s Test + Live Feed

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26_05_07When I went to New York for my First visit, I knew I was in for an exciting time. I come form a small town in Texas and had barley visited any place except for the occasional party or to go to a club. Mainly I stayed at home with my two horses and my dogs. I had dreamed of going to a big city and leaving the great state of Texas to broaden my horizons. So when I received a trip to the Big Apple for a present form my daddy. I was thrilled. He looked a little tense about me leaving. When I gushed and told him how happy I was, daddy just looked proud…

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Tyler Trolley

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 30-09-2017

tylerlf4_8_05_16Fresh, wide-eyed face framed with a flaxen mane, Tyler Scot is a picture of youth and innocence. But how could anything so sweet and pretty be so tough, enduring such torments bravely and without complaint? Bound, gagged, shocked, and stimulated, Tyler continues to suffer sweetly for the Insex members in this live feed from April 2001. Head concealed with a cloth bag, arms and legs tied securely with rope, she lies helpless atop a wooden box. PD removes the bag and folds her flexible body in a hogtie. Gagged with cloth, she wiggles around, languishing in the torture tie.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 26-09-2017

s4lf6_25_03_10She’s such a fragile little cunt standing forlorn in her short dress and black stockings. Her hands tied behind her back,  he gives her two minutes to try to escape the tight ropes. He lifts her dress to expose her sweet crack as the cane goes hard against it. Almost automatically the tears begin to fall. Still in a hogtie pd places her on the floor, tickling her feet, ripping her sheer black nylons. The ropes become even tighter and he consols her and asks about her comfort level. She moans as her pussy gets wet and her sobs get even louder…

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 23-09-2017

108_05_40108, a 23 year-old model from Los Angeles, had only experimented with bondage once when she was 18. In this article PD gives her a full introduction to what she labels “aggressive sexual fun.” He lures her into his snare gently at first, asking some basic interview questions. But he can’t keep his hands off her for long. Soon enough, he has captured her with ropes around her ankles, arms and hands. He unbuttons her blouse and fondles her breasts then steps back to admire his handiwork. Rendered helpless, 108 moans and writhes on the studioís cold concrete floor. A yellow cloth gag is forced into her mouth, silencing her.

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Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 19-09-2017

azlf1_12_03_05She must have gotten caught sneaking into the linen closet with the butler one too many times. In this live feed from January 12, 2002, Matt, debuting as an Insex dom, sufficiently punishes az for her crime. Leather tight around her neck, az, clad in a frilly French maid’s uniform, anxiously awaits her fate. Giving her relief from her torturous six-inch heels, Matt orders his sexy servant to clean the floor. With wrists and ankles cuffed, she waddles around on hands and knees as she sweeps and mops the floor, then scrubs it with a brush in her mouth. Once she has finished with her cleaning, she is allowed to rest on the floor. She languishes in extreme bondage positions for the remainder of the pre-show.

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Seven Live

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 16-09-2017

7lf1_25_05_21Seven proves to be a true submissive as she endures her lengthy live feed, with spacegirl confined in a cage behind her. Her endurance is tested through the entire feed as a game of trying on different gags and collars is the main objective with PD almost spitefully telling her to speak up when he asks her questions, knowing that it is dreadful for her to speak any words, let alone carry on a conversation with him. She is bound and changes positions during her session…

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Betty’s Test

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 12-09-2017

bettytest_03_17When I first came to Insex I had no idea what to expect. Everything was new and I was intimidated. I was scared and nervous but excited to try something I had no experience with. He dressed me in black floral dress and made me sit on chair in the middle of the room. I was trying to read a book to take my mind away from the nervousness that was starting to overwhelm me. I didn’t know how I should act. He began to ask me questions, my name, my age, basic things. Even those I didn’t know how to answer. He made me put on black heels…

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What A Dog

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 09-09-2017

1016lf12_3_06_09Her desire is to please. To serve her master, to follow his commands. Her leather tail wags delightedly at the sound of his praise. In her live feed from December 2000, 1016 demonstrates her prowess as man’s best friend. A well-trained puppy, she would make any master proud.

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Shonta Gets Pregnant

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 05-09-2017

shonta_preg_03_04Transformed from a young, girlish bondage slut to a full-breasted, round-bellied woman, bondage always becomes her. These shoots show Shonta before and during her pregnancy. She begins the first shoot seated on a trunk, restrained with belts. PD uses a heat gun to shrink-wrap a plastic bag over her face. Bound into a tight ball, she is packaged and sealed in saran wrap. Her air-flow is controlled through a long breathing tube.

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