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AZ’s May Feed

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 16-02-2019

The registration of az’s live feed on may 12th 2001. The feed starts with az on the floor, dressed in rubber arm-binders, leg-binders, corset and posture collar, while killer toe-boots complete the picture. The cold concrete floor wears her out pretty quick, so pd inserts an electric dildo in her pussy, to keep her mind of her predicament.

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Az Socks Star, Part 1

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az_starlf1_02_08AZ tops star in a Live Feed that proves – AZ gives as good as she gets. Poor star, so pretty. Maybe she thought a woman would go easier on her. But everybody knows women are wicked on top. They’re deranged. And AZ has more than just a little of the feline in her. She’s feral. AZ doesn’t just push star over the edge, she shoves her.

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No Complaining

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nc_06_02A rubber lover’s wet dream, wenona, well-oiled and dripping in latex, suffers at the hands of devilish AZ. Rigorous rope-work along with pussy torture fatten wenona’s wet cunt. She screams in agony. AZ, pitiless, won’t have it. No whining, she says, drawing the ropes tighter. I don’t like whining.

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ridin_04_05wenona’s surprise live feed from July is packed with fabulous latex, intricate rope-work, the supreme sex machine – the sybian, and pain, pain, pain. AZ Dommes and cyd lends a hand with a singletail.  Taut, muscular wenona gets one hell of a ride.

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azlf1_12_03_05She must have gotten caught sneaking into the linen closet with the butler one too many times. In this live feed from January 12, 2002, Matt, debuting as an Insex dom, sufficiently punishes az for her crime. Leather tight around her neck, az, clad in a frilly French maid’s uniform, anxiously awaits her fate. Giving her relief from her torturous six-inch heels, Matt orders his sexy servant to clean the floor. With wrists and ankles cuffed, she waddles around on hands and knees as she sweeps and mops the floor, then scrubs it with a brush in her mouth. Once she has finished with her cleaning, she is allowed to rest on the floor. She languishes in extreme bondage positions for the remainder of the pre-show.

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AZ Live Feed

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azlf3_25_07_20I sat down naked on the wood chair in the middle of the studio, feet cold but room warm, feeling anxious. I am curious as to what PD has decided to do with me this evening. I wonder how much torment I will go through to please him, can I do what he asks of me? How much pain will pay the price of my freedom? PD walked up to me with a slow stride and a half smile, looking at my meek body fumbling in the chair. I looked up and him and blushed, embarrassed by my impolite fidgeting, hoping that he didn’t notice.

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Proposal Part 2

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In Proposal 1, az gave herself to cyd. And for her first evening in his possession, he gave her pleasure as though lulling her into a coma. In Proposal 2, az pays a heavy price for her pleasure. By the end, she’s growling, her eyes deranged, her body dripping, a hundred points of red smearing. Like her mascara, the way it runs like blood.

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Az baby

Filed Under (3 Hole Girls, Articles) by Admin on 27-12-2016

Stunning AZ, exquisite in black body stocking, leather corset, and stiletto heeled boots, returns as Domme. This time around, she torments babydoll, a heavy pain slut and a repeat orgasm slut. From her arsenal, AZ deploys a rapid style of caning, fists, handfuls of clothespins, and a big long strap-on. She fingerfucks, ass-fucks, and fist-fucks babydoll, who lives up to her reputation. AZ builds upon her growing reputation, revealing her sadistic side. And what a nasty, hot sadist AZ turns out to be.

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AZ Top

Filed Under (Articles) by Admin on 18-10-2016

Darkly sensuous, AZ makes her debut appearance as a Domme on Insex, granting 120 and Anna the painfully sublime experience of her domination. Amid bondage, penetration, and punches and slaps, AZ slides seamlessly into a caress, leaving her submissive quivering as though from a deadly blow.

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The A to Z of torture, featuring the beautiful, sumptuous, and amazingly flexible az. She bobs for wooden balls upon which are written the letters of the alphabet. She is tortured accordingly, suffering nine grueling scenes in eight hours.

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