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escape_09_33The perfect mix of black and blue, 731 and betty share some quality time in the country. First PD ties the two girls tightly on a mattress, gagging them with socks and covering 731 with a canvas bag. He plays with their breath, suffocating them both till they are gasping and choking for air.

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Tyler Live

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It’s Tyler and 822 versus Time. Five predicament tortures allotted twenty minutes each, steadily increase in pain to see who breaks. Tyler takes clothespins, a torturous hogtie suspension from ankles and wrists, and a barbecue in which she’s the meat. Enfant terrible 822, fights and fusses her way through a predicament that involves nipple clamps, a hair tie, and a bucket of water.

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He thinks of them as turkeys.To him these girls are nothing more than meat. He sees himself as a hunter, a man who loves fresh meat. And so it begins. They are naked, his girls. There are three of them. He has them in his hunting cabin. Their arms are bound behind their backs, their hands taped. They are gagged with tubing held in place with cable ties. A few feet of chain run from neck to neck, so that they are tethered to one another.

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