OR Beaver

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beaver_05_35Seasoned sub and beloved member OR_beaver makes her fantasy a reality at Insex. Her ordeal begins immediately upon arrival. As soon as she walks through the door, she is given a contract to read. After signing the slave agreement, beaver is offered a glass-front tank. Cramped in the box’s small confines, she anxiously waits as it fills with water. Eventually the level is so high, she must bend her neck back at the surface to breathe.

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Day Two…

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OR_beaver’s torture continues on the second day of her Insex adventure. In the morning, her head is pulled out of the metal box, and decorated with a bit gag and posture collar. PD seals her mouth with tape then allows beaver to smoke a cigarette in each nostril. He has a smoke himself, using her open mouth as an ashtray.

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Last Stand

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Last Stand is the edited footage of OR beaver’s Live Feed from July 25-26, 2003. It begins with OR Beaver lying on a dirt floor inside of a metal silo. She is bound with cable ties. Her moans echo, bouncing off the walls. Wearing jeans and a white sleeveless T-shirt, she is filthy from the floor. Water sprays out, drenching her, matting her clothing to her skin.

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