Érotique BDSM Workshop

Den Haag - the Netherlands

Cost: 65 Eur per person - 100 Euro per couple

This is a 5 hour extensive interactive workshop open to anyone interested in learning about BDSM on all levels. A certificate of completion is given at the end of the workshop. This workshop is being taught by myself and Master Baron.

Exact localities given upon registration.
Convenient location easily accessible from Public Transportation.

About Us

We are a Master/slave couple with twenty eight years combined experience in the BDSM Lifestyle. slave began extensive slave training as a newbie submissive in 2004 under the close supervision of Master Baron. she was intensely trained online until she became His slave in 2006. she is owned and collared and in service to Master Baron.

Our Experience

Our expert training exists in traditional submissive/slave in service training, submissive/slave etiquette, Formal protocol, Rules of conduct, pet play, & submissive/slave mentoring. Master Baron has extensive experience with Bondage and BDSM. He is a lifelong Dominant and He has been professionally involved with some major BDSM websites for more then 10 years. He is proficient in Corporal punishment in all it’s forms wich is His favorite BDSM activity. We also play realtime and record our sessions on our very own websites.

This Workshop Includes:

* Introduction To BDSM
* BDSM 101
* Impact Play
* Pet Play
* Bondage Basics
* BDSM Toys Introduction
* Master/slave Dynamic
* submissive/slave Etiquette
* Introduction to slave training
* slave mentoring is available upon request.

We encourage our participants of The Sensual Art of BDSM Érotique BDSM Workshop to actively participate in some or most of the demonstrations available during the workshop.

Refreshments will be served after the first 2 hours. The workshop will continue soon after. Private Workshops are available also.